Metasploit Pro

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Metasploit Pro offers pentesting features to help you simulate real-world attacks, collect data, and remediate found exploits.



Metasploit Pro 4.20

Metasploit Pro is for users who prefer to use a web interface for pen testing. Some features available in Pro are unavailable in Metasploit Framework.

Pro Features not in Metasploit Framework

▫️ Task Chains
▫️ Social Engineering
▫️ Vulnerability Validations
▫️ GUI
▫️ Quick Start Wizards
▫️ Nexpose Integration

▫️ Metasploit Pro Features

Metasploit Pro offers pen testing features to help you simulate real world attacks, collect data, and remediate found exploits.

Manual Exploitation
Anti-virus Evasion
IPS/IDS Evasion
Proxy Pivot
Post-Exploration Modules
Session Clean Up
Credentials Reuse
Social Engineering
Payload Generator
Quick Pen Testing
VPN Pivoting
Vulnerability Validation
Phishing Wizard
Web App Testing
Persistent Sessions

Import and scan data
Discovery Scans
Nexpose Scan Integration

Task Chains
Exploitation Workflow
Session Rerun
Task Replay
Project Sonar Integration
Session Management
Credential Management
Team Collaboration
Web Interface
Backup and Restore
Data Export
Evidence Collection
Tagging Data

4 reviews for Metasploit Pro

  1. Victor Tyree

    than you very much

  2. AnonBull

    this is great service

  3. Alex Chan

    working good 🌹🌹

  4. ProdHose

    thank you

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